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Our Story

This is why we created GO Meat-Free

We are a group of meat-free lovers who are highly passionate about technology to provide solutions. Covid-19 has made technology so convenient for everyone and we believe it should be the same for the meat-free community in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Taiwan.


With the growing amount of people being more aware of what's going on and higher level of health consciousness, the gap between meat-free businesses and consumers have widen and we decided to come up with GO Meat-Free to remove these problems for you as a business owner and consumers out there, connecting everyone closer together. The possibilities are limitless.

Partying with Friends

Successful idea comes with immense passion

Huge investment & running cost

This is just basic to provide not only a convenient tool for users, it is done in order to do it professionally within our allowed budget to benefit and encourage meat-free locally within the community.

Support from partners

It serves a very important role with the support from our featured partners that helps us with some revenue to keep us going further and stronger.

Market competitiveness

We are not here to compete with others as all are doing good to encourage meat-free diet and environment. What we are doing is to contribute with the latest technologies and run it on the basis of a semi-charitable project.

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Download on the App Store
Download on the App Store
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Get it on Google Play
Get it on Google Play
Download on the App Store
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